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What is Modern Rustic Home Design?

Old horse barn in a pasture

As you enter the new year, you can’t help but to want to embrace a new you — a version that embraces your complexities while still cherishing simplicity like never before. Considering that your home is an extension of you, it only makes sense for your living space to also echo this sentiment. And that’s where modern rustic home design comes in.

The modern rustic style involves embracing rustic warmth and charm along with the modern amenities you love. As a general rule of thumb, this decor style involves keeping your layout simple and open with rustic wood interiors, incorporating modern furniture into the mix, and garnishing your space with homely, natural items that will make it feel even more welcoming.

Simply put, modern rustic home design is all about making modern living look and feel comfortable.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about modern rustic home decor.

Embrace Reclaimed Wood to Create Rustic Wood Interiors

One of the best ways to tap into modern rustic home design is to add reclaimed wood, like barnwood, on your walls. You can easily do this with a sign that features the Lord’s Prayer and is fabricated from the wood of a barn that is more than 100 years old. You can even add inspiring barnwood boxes to your tables or fireplace mantle to make your home look more rustic. These boxes can display feel-good phrases that family, friends, and other guests will always cherish, like “Home Sweet Home” and “Be Thankful.”

Consider also creating rustic wood interiors with wood floors that look hand scraped or distressed. In addition, for your doorways, use barn-style sliding doors made from reclaimed wood. These doors will provide the dramatic contrast you’re looking for against your walls if they are light colored.

Show Off Architectural Elements

To give your home a modern rustic vibe, consider also exposing the architectural elements of your home that are original to the home. For instance, leave stone walls or brick walls exposed. Visible ceiling beams can also add character to the space. These elements add a nostalgic and cozy look that will uniquely complement your home’s modern design details.

If your home lacks brick, stone, or beams, don’t worry. You can use faux beams as well as brick walls to replicate their look in your home.

Embrace the Outdoors Inside

Finally, you can complete your modern rustic home design by bringing elements of the outdoors into your home. For instance, consider hanging up live edge signs, which feature unfinished natural wood edges. Also, install airy and light window treatments versus heavy drapery to bring in more natural light.

You may additionally want to incorporate slate shelving into your design to give your space a calming natural flair. Layering in beautiful plants or plant-based products, like woven seagrass baskets, may also help your indoor space feel more “outdoorsy.”

Two potted plants inside a home with modern rustic home design

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