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Custom Wood Shelves

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You’ve spent years collecting souvenirs from trips, knick-knacks from flea markets, and books from your favorite discount bookstores. Now, you need a place to display them beautifully. Fortunately, that’s where our custom wood floating shelves at Whitetail Woodcrafters come in. These shelves are sturdy enough to hold a large number of items while adding a gorgeously rustic vibe to your living space, or enhancing its existing rustic feel.


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Create Custom Wood Floating Shelves That Will Constantly Draw Compliments

At Whitetail Woodcrafters, we’re excited to create for you a personalized shelf that you and your loved ones will always treasure. On your shelf, feel free to inscribe your name or a date that is special to you. You can also choose shelves featuring a variety of phrases to match the theme of your home — and your heart — like “Family,” “Love,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Better Together.”

Our custom wood floating shelves are handmade right in our woodworking shop using top-tier alder wood. The shelves feature dovetail joints, which give them their superior durability and strength.

Experience the Allure of Whitetail Woodcrafters’ Products for Yourself!

Ready to be impressed with a truly bewitching custom wood engraving that friends and family will never stop talking about? We’re ready to handcraft one for you at Whitetail Woodcrafters!

We take pride in putting time and energy into creating unique family keepsakes that will last a lifetime. And we’re especially honored to customize your gift in any way you, our valued customer, desires — and that includes personalizing it into nearly any language. Remember that our engravings also make excellent gifts for friends, family, and coworkers for any occasion.

Create extraordinarily beautiful keepsakes, like our personalized shelves, by contacting us today. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop at Whitetail Woodcrafters!