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Reclaimed Barnwood Signs

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There is nothing better than letting your friends, family, and neighbors know where you stand on the things that matter most to you, all in a way that shows off a homey sensibility that is all your own. With reclaimed Barnwood signs from Whitetail Woodcrafters, you can get beautiful wooden accouterments for your bedroom, den, or living room and have them engraved with any message you want. And when you order them directly from our expert craftsman, you know you will always get something that is only made from the best materials.

Living Off the Land

Every last one of our reclaimed Barnwood signs is taken from a variety of barns set for demolition across Maryland and Pennsylvania – after being extracted from the site, the wood is cleaned and kiln-dried while still flaunting unique Barnwood character. Each of our personalized engraved wooden signs carries a unique message, not just because of the special writing our clients ask for on these signs, but because of the places the materials come from as well. Whitetail Woodcrafters is dedicated to making sure every inch of this great land of ours has a place to call home, and we think you will be happy to make one of those homes your own with decoration such as a custom Barnwood sign.

Find the Right Barnwood Signs for You

Since you can fully personalize every piece, we guarantee you can get a custom Barnwood sign made to your exact specifications. Contact us if you have questions or want a special message engraved on your own sign. Whitetail Woodcrafters makes personalized gifts that will stay with you and your family for generations to come, so shop today.


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