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Custom Plaques for Taxidermists

Custom Mounting Plaques & Bases

Looking for a way to make your mounts special? Need a wholesale supplier of mounting plaques, panels, and bases? We are here to help.

Whitetail Woodcrafters is owned and operated by the Fleck family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our passions for woodworking and hunting combine into a full line of taxidermy products to properly display trophy mounts.

Serving the Taxidermy Industry

We make it easy for taxidermists to add value to their services:

  • We use only the finest materials for high-quality taxidermy displays that look as good as your mounts.
  • Our numerous wood and camo options ensure that you can provide your customers with the exact display they want.
  • Custom laser engraving gives your customer a personalized mount unlike any other. Blank panels are also available to restock your supply of plaques.