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Remember the hunt that yielded those prized deer antlers of yours? Yeah, that one. At Whitetail Woodcrafters, we realize how special that moment was and still is to you, so we want to help you to commemorate it with our deer antler plaques. Our antler mount plaques are simple to mount, are high quality, and are sure to turn heads and captivate hearts at first glance. These plaques make excellent gifts for yourself or for the other avid hunters in your life, allowing you all to relish your hunting successes all year long.


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Deer Antler Plaques

Looking for a top-of-the-line deer antler taxidermy plaque? Don’t leave without purchasing our shield-shaped mounting plaque handcrafted from hardwood. We can flame-burn the edges to give your plaque even more of a remarkable rustic appearance that will shine forever. Our arrowhead-shaped camo antler mount plaques, wooden oval plaques, and wooden rectangular deer antler plaques are also excellent ways to add a rustic touch to your man cave, or weekend cabin. We even offer plaques that hold photos for memorializing your special hunts even more!

Along with our deer plaques, we offer reclaimed-barnwood shadow boxes — another timeless and creative way to show off your taxidermy mounts.

The Whitetail Woodcrafters Touch

At Whitetail Woodcrafters, we have developed a reputation for offering top-tier service and high-quality wooden keepsakes thanks to our unique combination of woodworking skills and passion for customer care.

We use quality hardwoods for all of our products as opposed to plywood, so you can expect your gifts to last you generations. Additionally, you can expect an extremely quick turnaround time of 3-5 business days for your standard-size plaque order to be shipped, and of only 7-10 days for camo and larger-size plaques!

Ready to purchase unique family keepsakes that will last forever? Shop now to buy your favorite gifts today!