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The Perfect Stocks for Everyone This Holiday Season

With the holidays being right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect presents for everyone in your life. We have several gift guides to help you decide what to get for the people most important to you. However, the best gift of all is a custom gun stock engraving. They make the perfect gift for anyone ranging from a family heirloom to a retirement gift.


Joshua recently requested an engraving on his gun stock. Here’s what he had to say about his order. “Whitetail Woodcrafters did an amazing job on my son’s gun stock. They responded quickly with answers to any questions I had, most of the time on the same day. The engraving was absolutely phenomenal and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking into getting some engraving done.”



In addition, let’s hear what another recent customer, Carmen, had to say about her order, “Earlier this year I was searching for a nice engraved gift for a law enforcement member who had given 50 years to our County. I had already purchased a nice rifle that I wanted engraved but wasn’t sure of exactly what I wanted on it. I came across Whitetail Woodcrafters via a Google search. I browsed their site and found great examples of good quality work and design. I reached out via email and Katie quickly responded to the many questions I had.. Through back and forth exchanges she helped me design the perfect gift! I had a gun stock that I wanted engraved and that involved shipping the stock to Whitetail, picking the design and having it shipped back to me. The design people at Whitetail were very patient and had no problem re-working my design until I was satisfied! Every aspect of my experience with Whitetail was fabulous. The design work was on point and the staff delivered exactly what they said they would do. I would definitely use them again for a personalized gift!”




Lastly, Ally recently placed an order to have her father-in-law’s gun stock engraved. The gun had been passed down to her husband, when his father passed away. It is engraved with the loving words the father always said before hunting. This gun will help their father’s memory live on for many hunting trips to come. Let’s hear what she had to say about her recent stock order, “It turned out so beautiful and it has so much sentimental value to my husband, he almost doesn’t want to take it hunting!”



For questions about custom checkering, stock engraving, or any other kinds of custom gun stock work we do at Whitetail Woodcrafters, get in touch with us today. A great gun can last for generations, and these thoughtful personalizations will be with it forever. To get custom gun stock engraving and other unique hunting-related items your loved ones will adore, order from the master craftsmen at Whitetail Woodcrafters today!