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Personalized Wooden Wall Gun Rack - Custom Engraved

Personalized Wooden Wall Gun Rack – Custom Engraved

(6 customer reviews)



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Outdoors – Anchor, Outdoors – ATV, Outdoors – Bass, Outdoors – Bear, Outdoors – Bear Cub, Outdoors – Bear Silhouette, Outdoors – Black Bear, Outdoors – Bobcat, Outdoors – Boy Fishing, Outdoors – Broadhead, Outdoors – Brown Trout, Outdoors – Butterfly, Outdoors – Cabin, Outdoors – Camper, Outdoors – Camper in Mountains, Outdoors – Canoe, Outdoors – Canoe Paddles, Outdoors – Coon Dogs, Outdoors – Copperhead, Outdoors – Cougar, Outdoors – Deer, Outdoors – Deer Antlers, Outdoors – Deer Head, Outdoors – Deer Head Hearts, Outdoors – Deer Skull, Outdoors – Deer Tracks, Outdoors – Ducks, Outdoors – Eagle, Outdoors – Elk, Outdoors – Elk Antlers, Outdoors – Fishing Fly, Outdoors – Flock of Turkeys, Outdoors – Fly Fisherman, Outdoors – Fox, Outdoors – Goose, Outdoors – Grouse, Outdoors – Happy Camper, Outdoors – Loon, Outdoors – Lynx, Outdoors – Mallard Ducks, Outdoors – Moose, Outdoors – Mountain Lion, Outdoors – Mountain Range, Outdoors – Mule Deer, Outdoors – Muskie, Outdoors – Northern Pike, Outdoors – Oak Leaves, Outdoors – Owl, Outdoors – Pheasant, Outdoors – Pine Branch, Outdoors – Pine Tree, Outdoors – Raccoon, Outdoors – Retriever, Outdoors – Sail Boat, Outdoors – Salmon, Outdoors – Snail, Outdoors – Snowmobile, Outdoors – Speedboat, Outdoors – Squirrel, Outdoors – Standing Turkey, Outdoors – Tree, Outdoors – Turkey Hunter, Outdoors – Turkey Strutting, Outdoors – Turkey Tracks, Outdoors – Walleye, Outdoors – Wild Boar, Scenic Images – Bear, Scenic Images – Bear with Cubs, Scenic Images – Bears Fishing, Scenic Images – Bison, Scenic Images – Buck Creek, Scenic Images – Cabin with Animals, Scenic Images – Canoe on Lake, Scenic Images – Deer and Cabin, Scenic Images – Deer Scene, Scenic Images – Deer Stream, Scenic Images – Duck Mural, Scenic Images – Elk, Scenic Images – Elk Bugling, Scenic Images – Lakehouse, Scenic Images – Lighthouse, Scenic Images – Turkey Scene, Scenic Images – Wolf Running


Arial, Birds of Paradise, Chopin Script, Hillock BRK, Imprint Shadow, Kristen ITC, Kunstler Script, Lucida Calligraphy, Lucida Handwriting, Monotype Corsiva, Palace Script, Segoe Script, Times New Roman, Zapfino Extra Two


1 gun, 2 guns, 3 guns, 4 guns

Note: The heavy duty metal hangers on the back make hanging your new gun rack quick and easy. After we receive your order, we will create a design for your custom engraving and send you a copy for your approval. When you approve the design, we will engrave your item and ship it to you.


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Create a custom wooden gun rack wall mount that will be worthy of holding your delicate and most prized guns at Whitetail Woodcrafters. This wooden gun rack is handcrafted from solid maple and will endure a lifetime of use. You can also personalize your wooden wall gun rack with our free custom engraving service and create a unique piece that can be passed down to future generations.

Our custom gun racks will add something unique to your wall and will securely hold your gun until the next time you need it. Create your personalized rack today!

Weight: lb
Dimensions: 18 x 4.5 x 26 in

6 reviews for Personalized Wooden Wall Gun Rack – Custom Engraved

  1. Mike Reville (verified owner)

  2. Dylan Gearhart (verified owner)

    Turned out amazing

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Scott Rogers (verified owner)

    It was a present for my wife to hold her late fathers hunting rifle, she absolutely loves it.

  5. Daniel Johnson (verified owner)

    Item looks great and will make a great gift

  6. Dorothy Miller (verified owner)

    That turned out wonderful, I got it for my grandson. That’s how he’s gonna remember his grandfather.

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Outdoors - Anchor
Outdoors - ATV
Outdoors - Bass
Outdoors - Bear
Outdoors - Bear Cub
Outdoors - Bear Silhouette
Outdoors - Black Bear
Outdoors - Bobcat
Outdoors - Boy Fishing
Outdoors - Broadhead
Outdoors - Brown Trout
Outdoors - Butterfly
Outdoors - Cabin
Outdoors - Camper
Outdoors - Camper in Mountains
Outdoors - Canoe
Outdoors - Canoe Paddles
Outdoors - Coon Dogs
Outdoors - Copperhead
Outdoors - Cougar
Outdoors - Deer
Outdoors - Deer Antlers
Outdoors - Deer Head
Outdoors - Deer Head Hearts
Outdoors - Deer Skull
Outdoors - Deer Tracks
Outdoors - Ducks
Outdoors - Eagle
Outdoors - Elk
Outdoors - Elk Antlers
Outdoors - Fishing Fly
Outdoors - Flock of Turkeys
Outdoors - Fly Fisherman
Outdoors - Fox
Outdoors - Goose
Outdoors - Grouse
Outdoors - Happy Camper
Outdoors - Loon
Outdoors - Lynx
Outdoors - Mallard Ducks
Outdoors - Moose
Outdoors - Mountain Lion
Outdoors - Mountain Range
Outdoors - Mule Deer
Outdoors - Muskie
Outdoors - Northern Pike
Outdoors - Oak Leaves
Outdoors - Owl
Outdoors - Pheasant
Outdoors - Pine Branch
Outdoors - Pine Tree
Outdoors - Raccoon
Outdoors - Retriever
Outdoors - Sail Boat
Outdoors - Salmon
Outdoors - Snail
Outdoors - Snowmobile
Outdoors - Speedboat
Outdoors - Squirrel
Outdoors - Standing Turkey
Outdoors - Tree
Outdoors - Turkey Hunter
Outdoors - Turkey Strutting
Outdoors - Turkey Tracks
Outdoors - Walleye
Outdoors - Wild Boar
Scenic Images - Bear
Scenic Images - Bear with Cubs
Scenic Images - Bears Fishing
Scenic Images - Bison
Scenic Images - Buck Creek
Scenic Images - Cabin with Animals
Scenic Images - Canoe on Lake
Scenic Images - Deer and Cabin
Scenic Images - Deer Scene
Scenic Images - Deer Stream
Scenic Images - Duck Mural
Scenic Images - Elk
Scenic Images - Elk Bugling
Scenic Images - Lakehouse
Scenic Images - Lighthouse
Scenic Images - Turkey Scene
Scenic Images - Wolf Running

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Birds of Paradise
Chopin Script
Hillock BRK
Imprint Shadow
Kristen ITC
Kunstler Script
Lucida Calligraphy
Lucida Handwriting
Monotype Corsiva
Palace Script
Segoe Script
Times New Roman
Zapfino Extra Two