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Grip and Forearm Checkering + 1 Side Butt Stock Text Engraving Package

Grip and Forearm Checkering + 1 Side Butt Stock Text Engraving Package



Outline Style

Buck and Oak Leaves, Curved Contour, Curved Contour with Notched Edges, Cut Corners, Double Angle, Fancy, Fleur De Lis, Inverted Double Angle, Oak Leaves and Acorns, Reeds, Sawtooth Edge

Checkering Pattern

Basket Weave, Coarse Checkering, Coarse checkering with Diamonds, Coarse Checkering with Stars, Delicate Checkering, Fish Scales, Large Basket Weave

Which Side of Gun Stock?

Left, Right


Arial, Birds of Paradise, Chopin Script, Hillock BRK, Imprint Shadow, Kristen ITC, Kunstler Script, Lucida Calligraphy, Lucida Handwriting, Monotype Corsiva, Palace Script, Segoe Script, Times New Roman, Zapfino Extra Two, N/A

Note: After you place your order you must remove your gun stock from your gun and send it to us. Please only send us the gun stock, otherwise we cannot accept it. When we receive your stock, we will create a design for your custom engraving and send you a copy for your approval. When you approve the design, we will engrave the gun stock and then ship the stock back to you.




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Customize your gun stock with checkering on both sides of the grip and forearm and text engraving on one side of the butt stock with this custom gun stock checkering package. From names and a date to a favorite hunting say, the options are endless as to the text engraving on your gun stock. Gun stock checkering will take your gun from ordinary to a one of a kind gun that you will love to use or display.

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Select Outline Style

Buck and Oak Leaves
Curved Contour
Curved Contour with Notched Edges
Cut Corners
Double Angle
Fleur De Lis
Inverted Double Angle
Oak Leaves and Acorns
Sawtooth Edge

Select Engraving Pattern

Basket Weave
Coarse Checkering
Coarse checkering with Diamonds
Coarse Checkering with Stars
Delicate Checkering
Fish Scales
Large Basket Weave

Select Side Of Gun Stock


Select Font

Birds of Paradise
Chopin Script
Hillock BRK
Imprint Shadow
Kristen ITC
Kunstler Script
Lucida Calligraphy
Lucida Handwriting
Monotype Corsiva
Palace Script
Segoe Script
Times New Roman
Zapfino Extra Two