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Flat Arrowhead Skull Plaque- Standard Camo

Flat Arrowhead Skull Plaque- Standard Camo


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Camo Pattern

Woods, AP, Vista, Reaper Buck, Vista Reduced, Spring Mimicry, Snow Blind, Blaze, Muddy Girl, Snow Blush, Foxy Lady, Foxy Woods, Rebels, Respect, Thunder Chicken

Plaque Size

8×12, 9×14 (Standard), 10×16, 11×18, 12×20, 13×22, 14×24



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Display your trophy set of antlers on a high quality camo arrowhead skull mounting plaque from Whitetail Woodcrafters. This taxidermy plaque is handcrafted in our shop and hydro dipped in a detailed camo pattern so it will last for generations. Display this flat plaque by itself, or purchase one of our European mount stands for a unique way to display your mount on a table or on the wall.

Weight: lb
Dimensions: 8 x 0.75 x 12 in
Ready in - business days.

Select Camo Pattern

Reaper Buck
Vista Reduced
Spring Mimicry
Snow Blind
Muddy Girl
Snow Blush
Foxy Lady
Foxy Woods
Thunder Chicken