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How to Create a Personalized Gift Package

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The day you’ve been waiting for is almost here, and you can barely contain your excitement. You can’t wait for your loved one to accomplish their life milestone. But as the big day inches closer, something dawns on you. You haven’t bought a gift. And you have no idea what to do. It’s an all too common dilemma. Whether shopping for a wedding, graduation, birthday or any other major event, it can be tough to find a gift to express how much you care about the special people in your life. We’re here to tell you that there’s no better way to do that than with a personalized memento. Read on, because we’re going to show you exactly how to create a killer gift package with our top personalized gift ideas.

Choose Your Box

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A lot of people think a gift box is something to throw away. We say it can be just as important as what’s inside. After they rip off the wrapping paper, a gift box is the first thing your loved one will see. So take the opportunity to wow them with customized packaging. An engraved wooden box is a surefire way to do just that. With such a pretty container, there’s no need to go overboard with the rest of your gift package. A custom engraved box is all about creating a keepsake to last a lifetime. So fill it with things that are special to you and your loved one. Favorite photos, old notes, newspaper clippings, and small trinkets are some of our favorite fillings for your personalized gift box.

Find the Perfect Gift Every Time

The best advice we can give when creating the perfect gift package is to buy your loved one something that they wouldn’t necessarily think to buy for themselves. Whether it’s too expensive, too indulgent, or just a style they don’t usually go for (but will love regardless), you want to make them feel extra special. Think about what they love to do, then use that as a starting point for your personalized gift ideas. The beauty of a gift package is that you can fill it with lots of little things that show how well you know your loved one. Look for things that will help them achieve their favorite hobbies in style. Then personalize your gift with a special message that will make them smile every time they use it. For the writer in your life, a custom engraved pen and notebook in luxurious, high-quality material will be a hit. Hunters will love a pocket knife and mug to accompany them on the hunt. The wine lovers in your life will go crazy for a custom wine box filled with tools like reusable corks and bottle openers. Add a bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a top-notch gift package.

The Best Gift for any Occasion

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If you’re looking for personalized gift ideas for event guests, look for small items that fit the personality of your attendees. Bottle openers and shot glasses are perfect for a rambunctious wedding party, while pens and money clips are a great choice for a business conference or corporate event. Add one or two small custom items to a bag with other mementos to mark the occasion. We think you get the idea.

Tell Them How You Feel

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With a personalized gift package, you’re not just letting someone know that you love them. You’re showing them. The beauty of custom engravings is that your loved one will have a personalized message that lasts a lifetime. So choose your words carefully. Smaller items may be best suited to names and initials, while larger items have room for longer messages. When choosing your message, make sure to speak from your heart. You could choose a poem, a favorite quote, or even a shared joke to engrave onto your custom gift. If you’re simply at a loss for words to express how you really feel, you could even choose to engrave a favorite photo. No words required. For more help on how to create the best gift package for someone you hold dear, get in touch with us.

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