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Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Him

The holidays are right around the corner. Be prepared this holiday season, and start getting those holiday gifts ready! Shopping for loved ones can be difficult, so we are giving you the best present ideas for your loved ones, starting with presents for the best men in your life. The best part about these gifts is that they are customizable! This allows you to make your gift a one-of-a-kind present for your loved one showcasing your special moments together. Here’s our top five countdown of the best gifts to get for the man in your life!


#5. Custom Engraved Barlow Pocket Knife

Custom engraved pocket knives are a gift that will always be used and appreciated. This knife can be engraved on both sides. This allows you to have any important things you want to add such as initials, a date, or a logo of his business to create a personalized pocket knife that is a unique gift. This high quality Barlow knife features a wood handle and 2 stainless steel stay-sharp blades.


#4. Dad, Grandpa Personalized Picture Frame


Honor the man who meant the most to you growing up with this “Dad, Grandpa” personalized picture frame. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so say it all this holiday season with the picture and picture frame. We can easily add just a few words to the frame surrounding it — and suddenly, it will say so much more. Whether you’re trying to give your highly cherished pictures a homey and classy look, draw attention to a special moment in time, or add special finishing touches to your images, our custom engraved picture frames will instantly make it happen.


#3. Live Edge Oval with Engraved Photo

Show off his favorite memory by having a prized photograph custom engraved on one of our rustic wood signs. We can engrave any image or phrase on the sign. It is the perfect way to remember his favorite trip, his favorite person, or his favorite pet. The customization options are truly endless. This allows you to create the perfect gift tailored to your favorite person. Our engraved photo plaques are cut from solid basswood logs and varnished to protect the natural beauty of the wood. Use your imagination to create a rustic sign that will become the focal point of his home, cabin, boat, or taxidermy shop.


#2. Hunter’s Tale Photo Album


Keep all his favorite hunting photos in one safe place where he can display them with pride. Our Hunter’s Tale personalized photo album is crafted of premium maple and rosewood, and makes the perfect personalized wood gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. You can’t reach out and touch them, but your memories are one of life’s most valuable treasures. We offer the perfect gifts for making those momentous memories more tangible and bringing them to life for years to come with our large photo albums. In addition, they are big enough for adding multiple elements and showing off your unparalleled creativity.


#1. Choose Your Image Gun Stock


The gun a hunter uses is one of the most important parts of their hobby, so what better way to let them know you treasure their friendship than customizing their gun? We make custom gun stocks that look great and work just as well! We’ll take any prized gun stock and transform it into something totally unique with custom checkering, rifle engravings, and more, no matter the size. We can engrave any picture or phrase you want on the stock with incredible detail. For instance, we can do an engraving of a beautiful elk on the rifle of a proud elk hunter. We can even engrave a photo of a friend’s prize buck on his gun so he’ll always recall his special trophy. You can’t replace a gift that’s been made just for you, so make sure the outdoorsman in your life has a holiday season to remember when you give them one of our custom gun stocks!



If that man in your life is very particular or if you want to make a contribution to some big purchase he wants, there is always a gift card.


Start creating your gift today and see why hundreds have trusted us for their holiday gifts online. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 when you shop with us today! Also, since you read until here, we decided we will let you in on a secret: We are having a photo album sale coming up real soon!



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