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Carrying Loved Ones with YOU

It’s that time of year again, hunting season is rapidly approaching! Prepare for the awesome memories to come! There is no better feeling than being out with loved ones having a great time hunting. We can customize your gun stock by making your favorite memories a part of all your hunting endeavors forever with any words or images. We love being included in honoring past, present, and future memories with you and your loved ones.

Cody recently requested a custom engraving on his gun stock. Here’s what Cody had to say about his recent order, “I was looking for a way to have a memory of my late grandfather who passed away earlier this year who fought for our country in Korea. At the burial ceremony the gun salute team were using Springfield 1903 rifles. I purchased one of these at a local gun store and bought a new stock for it. I sent the stock to Whitetail woodcrafters after coming up with a design on their website that included the air force logo, his dates of service as well as a cabin with deer picture on the reverse side. The site was very easy to use and they had great ideas of options to put on the stock. I picked what I thought was best and added in a few other requests. They sent me a design proof that looked even better than I could have thought it up. The stock came a few weeks later and looked better than I expected. The engraving was deep, and had a very high level of detail. This is a wonderful memory I have now, that I plan to take deer hunting with me this year so my grandpa can still be out hunting with me.”

Cody went on to say, “Whitetail woodcrafters did an amazing job with this gun stock, as well as a few other pieces I ordered from them as wedding gifts for my sister and brother in law earlier this spring. They have great communication and are extremely easy to work with. I will be back again very soon.” We are so blessed to be able to honor the people and memories you care about!

In addition, let’s hear what Carmen had to say about her recent gun stock customization! Carmen said, “Myself and my dad were so happy with the gunstock we had made as a gift. It included a picture of my dad, sister, and I (picture taken on an iPhone). The detail was incredible and perfect. They took great care of the stock and sent it back in the same condition as it was sent in. They were also super friendly and informative. I highly recommend!”

For questions about custom checkering, stock engraving, or any other kinds of custom gun stock work we do at Whitetail Woodcrafters, get in touch with us today. A great gun can last for generations, and these thoughtful personalization will be with it forever. To get custom gun stock engraving and other unique hunting-related items your loved ones will adore, order from the master craftsmen at Whitetail Woodcrafters today!

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