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Awards Your Employees Will Love

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Think back to a time you received an impressive award from a supervisor. Having a hard time coming up with one? Don’t worry; it’s not you — it’s them.

Chances are that your past employers weren’t the greatest about handing out more than a verbal “good job” every now and then. And if they did give you tangible tokens of their appreciation, they may not have been much more than pins or paper awards.

Maybe it’s time to do something new in 2021.

If you value your employees, it’s time to give them engraved and personalized awards that they’ll never forget. Here’s a rundown on truly iconic awards for employees that will captivate and motivate your team — awards they’ll cherish for years to come.

Wooden Plaque Awards 

Nothing says “I’m proud of you” like a gorgeous plaque with an employee’s name inscribed on it. Seeing their names engraved beautifully in wood will give your workers boosts of confidence that will ultimately benefit your business. So, consider showing your dedicated workers how much you appreciate them by distributing wooden award plaques this year.

Keep in mind, though, that not all wooden plaques are created equal. If you’re looking for a “wow” factor, consider springing for a solid hardwood handcrafted plaque with edges that are flame burned for an enchanting rustic look. Along with including your employees’ names on these plaques, you can easily engrave your business’ logo on these stunning awards for employees.

Wooden Pen

Your employees are the ones writing the story of your business’s success. So why not acknowledge the important position they have in your eyes by awarding them with engraved wooden pens?

Look for engraved refillable ballpoint pens that come displayed in matching custom engraved boxes made of rosewood and maple. This unique pen and box combination offers a truly sophisticated and elite look and will no doubt be treasured year after year.

Bottle Opener

Custom engraved bottle openers also make excellent awards for employees due to being both practical and eye-catching.

With their detailed and attractive laser engraving, these openers will immediately draw the eye while also being durable enough for repeated use. Plus, because you can add your company logo and other details to them, they’re a wonderful way to promote your business while also recognizing your employees. You can easily give out these awards on special occasions, such as during the holiday season or at a year-end award ceremony.

Picture Frame

Want your employees to have good memories of your company down the road? Then treat them to a custom photo frame featuring your company’s logo, along with custom text, such as each employee’s name. And be sure to include a photo of your team with the picture frame, too!

This is the perfect gift for showing your employees how appreciated they are while also promoting your company. Consider giving out these personalized awards to salespeople who reach certain quotas, or give them to employees on their five-, 10-, or even 20-year work anniversary at your business. Custom picture frames can be easily customized for special events, making them memorable keepsakes to hang on to.

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Surprise Your Staff with One-of-a-Kind Awards for Employees from Whitetail Woodcrafters

At Whitetail Woodcrafters, a proud family-owned business, we understand that to you, employees are the most important component of your company. We feel the same way, and that’s why we offer a vast collection of matchless personalized awards for your employees.

All of our awards are made from locally sourced wood, rather than plywood, for an authentic and durable look and feel. Additionally, we can personalize our gifts with virtually any language. Just to make sure we got everything right, you’ll have the opportunity to review our design proofs before we start work on your project.

Also, if you’re in a hurry, don’t worry — we can easily ship your order in 3-5 business days. We also offer free shipping for any order above $50!

Between our high-level customer service and our top-quality products, both you and your employees will have multiple reasons to smile come award time this year. And your employees will have yet another reason to want to keep working hard for you in the years ahead.

Create the perfect awards for employees today at Whitetail Woodcrafters!

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