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Gun Stock Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average turnaround time?

For engraving and checkering, our average turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. For refinishing and repair, the average turnaround time is 8-10 weeks. Average turnaround time is 12-14 weeks for duplication services. Turnaround times start when we receive payment and stock.

Do I pay before the work is completed?

Yes, payment is required before any work is done to your stock. After you send the stock and order form to us, we will send you an invoice. Payment is due before we begin working on the stock.

Do I need to remove the stock from the gun?

It is easiest and safest to ship only the stock to us. We always remove the stock prior to engraving, so if you do not remove it, there will be an extra fee for removal and re-assembly.

Can photos and custom images be engraved?

Yes, we can engrave your custom photos and images. We recommend sending us a high-quality image, allowing us to produce the best engraving quality. If you can imagine the photo/image in black and white, and it has good contrast, then it should work well for engraving. The photo should be the original digital copy or a high-quality scan of a printed photograph. We are not responsible for blurry engravings because the image you provided is poor quality.

Will I receive a design proof?

Yes! You will receive a design proof prior to us beginning the engraving or checkering process. You will have the opportunity to request any changes to the design when you receive the proof. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the design and we have your approval before we begin. You must provide a valid email address when you place your order so we can send you the design proof.

Do I need to provide design files or can you create the design?

Either way is fine. Some customers come with just an idea of what they want engraved and some have the specific artwork ready to send us. We will take as much information as you have and work with your guidance to create the design you envision.

Is engraving permanent?

Yes, the engraving process uses a laser that engraves the design down into the stock. On wooden stocks, we apply a coat of finish over the engraved area to protect the stock. We will not disturb the original finish on any other areas of the stock.

What are the limitations for engraving?

We will work with you to create a design that is completely unique to you and fits the vision you have in mind. However, we do have a few limitations. We are unable to do a continuous wrap engraving around the various sides of the stock. We are also limited by the quality of photo provided – the lower the quality, the lower the quality the engraving will be. We have strategies to maximize detail, but we can’t guarantee high quality engraving from a low-quality photo.

What color will my engraving be?

The engraving process involves our laser burning natural wood. Since each piece of wood is different, the engraving color will vary. Wood type also affects the engraving color as walnut will engrave dark and maple or birch will be a lighter burned color. For synthetic stocks, the stock will engrave the same color as the material it is made from. If it is camo dipped, it will reveal the black material under the camo coating. We also offer Cerakote coating for contrast when engraving synthetic stocks. Cerakote is available in many color options.

Is the design printed or engraved onto the products?

Each design is burned into the surface of the product using a laser engraver. Our customers are amazed this is not a decal or printing process but is actually burned down into the surface. It will not rub off or wear down over time. Different products are engraved to varying depths for the best contrast and final appearance.

What can be overlaid on top of checkering?

We can overlay text and line art type images on top of checkering. Silhouette and clipart images also work well for overlaying. If you have an image you would like overlaid, you can email it to us, and we can let you know if it is possible.

Can I overlay an image on top of existing checkering?

Images can only be overlaid on top of new checkering. We can’t overlay images on top of current checkering because the overlay is left uncut from the original wood. If you would like an image overlaid, we would need to remove the current checkering and engrave new checkering with the overlay.

Can my checkering be repointed?

We do not currently offer repointing services. However, we can remove the original checkering and engrave new checkering with our laser. We can create a custom design similar to the original checkering, or you can use the opportunity to change it up and pick a new checkering outline and/or pattern.

Can synthetic stocks be engraved?

Synthetic stocks can be engraved with text, logos, and line art or silhouette images. Photos cannot be engraved on synthetic stocks. Synthetic stocks can be checkered with our coarse checkering pattern for texture. We can apply Cerakote to text, logos, and line art images for a contrasting color if desired. Checkering cannot be coated with Cerakote.

Can metal receivers be engraved?

We are building this area of our capabilities, but currently we only engrave the stocks of guns. Stay tuned!

What does the refinishing process entail?

For refinishing, we sand your stock down to bare wood and remove the original finish. We will repair any minor dents or cracks at this time. We then apply a new finish to the stock. We have four different finishes available. One is a hand rubbed oil finish which is a very traditional gun stock finish. This process involves many layers of finish applied on top of one another. The other three are spray-on finishes which are a modern commercial grade finish. The spray-on finish is available in dull, semi-gloss and gloss.  If there is original checkering on the stock that is in good condition, we can preserve the checkering while refinishing the stock. We can also remove the original checkering and engrave new checkering after refinishing for an additional charge.

Can my damaged gun stock be repaired?

We recommend sending us photos of the damage via email to [email protected]. Please include a description of the damage. We will then look at the damage and let you know if it is able to be repaired as well as the cost of repairs. If it can’t be repaired, we can make a duplication of the stock for you.

How does the duplication process work?

For the duplication process, we need an original stock to use as a pattern to create the duplicate stock. A damaged stock or a synthetic stock will typically work well as a pattern. We start with a wood blank and use a duplicator machine to create the new stock. We typically use standard grade walnut wood for duplicate stocks, but we can use a wood blank that you supply. We can also use a variety of other wood types, grades, or laminate options. Additional charges may apply for different wood types.

Do you sell grips?

We have a variety of pistol grip models available. We can also engrave pistol grips that you currently have. Contact us for pricing and more information on specific grips that you are looking to purchase.

Can you engrave grips?

Yes, we can engrave pistol grips with images, text and/or checkering. We are not able to complete photo engraving on pistol grips due to the small size. Synthetic, wood and a variety of other material pistol grips are able to be engraved.

Do you make custom stocks?

We can duplicate stocks if you have an original stock that we can use as a pattern. We do not make custom stocks. However, we do have several suppliers that we can obtain custom and/or replacement stocks for most models. We cannot guarantee that our suppliers have all gun makes and models available. Reach out to us with the stock you need, and we will see what options we have available.

Do you custom fit or modify gun stocks?

We do not currently custom fit stocks to a specific shooter but can make some modifications to alter the fit and feel of the gun based on your request. These include adding or altering a recoil pad, cutting the stock to decrease length of pull, or removing extra material such as a raised comb or cheek piece during the refinishing process.

What if I don’t want to engrave on my original stock?

If you have a stock that you don’t want to engrave for any reason, we can create a duplicate or get an aftermarket stock for you to have engraved. This way you always have the original if you ever want to put it back on the gun.

Does engraving hurt the value of my gun?

The guns we engrave often highlight a special occasion, are limited editions for organizations or are a family memorial. This makes the gun priceless to the recipient, and it typically becomes a family heirloom. A gun that is engraved with a high-quality design is very attractive in resale and typically sells for more than a non-engraved gun. A gun’s value is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it, and a high-quality engraving will always draw attention.