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“Whitetail Woodcrafters worked with me to help create the box that was special and large enough to fit all the most important items in. The keepsake box turned out absolutely beautiful and so special! I would definitely recommend Whitetail Woodcrafters.”

Tommy L.

“Beautiful craftsmanship and very detailed!”

Donna E.

“Had a small job, a wind sail memorial. Needed it soon. They finished it when I needed it. It was fantastic. My daughter in law was brought to tears. I would recommend them to everyone. Job well done.”

Julie G.

“I am very impressed with this company” … “I would highly recommend them.”

Chase F.

…”The photo album was extremely well built and was not made with cheap materials. I highly recommend this business. Thank you for providing a professional buying experience, product, and timely delivery.”

Ryan S.

“Anyone who wants anything done when it comes to woodwork needs to check out Whitetail Woodcrafters! Small family business, but nothing small about the quality of craftsmanship from these guys.”